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Synonyms for exorcism

driving out

Synonyms for exorcism

freeing from evil spirits

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But in a TG4 programme broadcast in 2013 Dublin psychiatrist Dr Siobhan Barry said: "When I think of the pros and cons of exorcism, I think of the biggest con of all.
Its story began as a book proposal by Matt Baglio, a reporter living in Rome who in 2007 visited an exorcism school set up in the Vatican.
This stems from the sharp spike in the demand for exorcisms.
THE Catholic Church in Ireland wants every diocese to have a specially trained priest ready to carry out exorcisms, we can reveal.
It will cover fields "related to the devil, exorcisms and being possessed and hell", it was reported by newspaper El Diario.
Videos of such ritual exorcisms have sent shockwaves through the Palestinian Authority, horrifying even many staunchly anti-Israel terror groups.
MANILA, PHILIPPINES * So many people have contacted the Manila archdiocese about exorcisms that it has begun recruiting new priests.
Author Francis Young deals with miracles and exorcisms from the reign of Mary I until Catholic Emancipation, a period that covers the Counter-Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the romantic era.
Derrickson, whose other creepy directorial work was "The Exorcism of Emily Rose," notes, "Exorcisms are real.
Exorcisms are traditionally performed by priests with specialized training on individuals in a private setting.
The girls, who claim to have done more than 100 exorcisms in the US alone, lay crucifixes on the subject's forehead and shout at the demon, demanding a response through the sufferer's mouth.
After outlining the Markan landscape and these methodologies, she explores the Beelzebub controversy, the Markan exorcisms themselves, Mark's summaries of the exorcisms, and concludes with a chapter on exorcism and the "larger activity of God's liberating kingdom.
Amorth insisted that the pope's gesture "does qualify as an exorcism because an exorcism is also performed by placing one's hands on a person's head and praying, without resorting to written exorcisms.
Twenty years later, Maria's daughter Isabella makes a documentary about exorcisms to better understand the dark forces that supposedly took hold of her mum.
Twenty years later, Maria's daughter Isabella (Fernanda Andrade) makes a documentary about exorcisms to better understand the dark forces that supposedly took hold of her mother.