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Synonyms for exorcism

driving out

Synonyms for exorcism

freeing from evil spirits

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Monge said the suspects, who are parabulong (quack doctors), took the boy to the altar for an exorcism ritual.
Structurally modeled on the Chinogwi exorcism ritual of Hwanghae Province, the novel is a physical as well as a spiritual journey, an "exorcism" of some sort not only for the dead evildoer Yohan, whose bones his brother buries in their native soil, but also for the Korean people themselves.
A MONK and four nuns have been charged with killing another nun during an exorcism ritual.
A PRIEST and four nuns face 30 years in jail after they were arrested yesterday on manslaughter charges for crucifying a nun in a medieval exorcism ritual.
A convent where a Romanian nun was crucified during an apparent exorcism ritual was not sanctified by the church and has been closed, an Orthodox Church official said yesterday.
In the third chapter, appropriately enough, Kallendorf introduces the concept of the "humanizing" of the exorcism ritual, that is, artistic representation of the experience in a manner that makes it more accessible to modern sensibilities.
The exorcism ritual may function as behavioral therapy, which temporarily extinguishes the behaviors of malevolent alters (Bowman, 1993; Fraser, 1993).
It was desperate and some churchgoers even came along chanting a sort of exorcism ritual.
38) Don Quixote's niece confirmed that the contents of the books might be diabolical when she mimicked the exorcism ritual by bringing hyssop and holy water to the barber and the priest, asking them to bless the room of the library so that an enchanter (invoked by the books to be burned) would not come back to haunt her: "take this [branch of hyssop], your honor .
Rev Gait says he recites the Lord's Prayer and a special deliverance prayer as part of the exorcism ritual and encourages the possessed to laugh.
Priests Max Von Sydow, center, and Jason Miller perform an exorcism ritual on demonically possessed Linda Blair in ``The Exorcist,'' being re-released with restored footage.
In an unrelated incident, seven people died of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning during an alleged exorcism ritual in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala.