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derived or originating externally

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In furthers, Government Support whereby the only one exogenous variable applied is perceived fail to provide a significant impact on Motivation.
Estimate the Holt-Winter's and seasonal ARIMA models to determine the efficacy of a pure time-series approach without reference to exogenous variables.
i]) on each other, and F is a matrix of parameters capturing the influence of the exogenous variables on [[eta].
This is an experiment in which nothing is paid for: no changes to any exogenous variable were made except for transfer payments.
The determination of the number of regimes for large-sized banks is shown in Table 3, whilst the parameter estimates and the impact of the exogenous variables are presented in Table 4.
To predict the endogenous variables of the model, we predicted the exogenous variables first, such as the number of researchers and the growth rate of the world economy.
This section provides an investigation on the long- and short-run dynamic of real premiums, including real losses, real GDP, and real interest rate as exogenous variables.
The other two exogenous variables are also highly significant.
The significant relationships at the same time point were consistent in the path model that controlled the three demographic variables (Figure 1) and that controlled all the six exogenous variables (Figure 2), although the strength of the relationship appeared slightly weaker in the latter model.
Exogenous variables of consideration, coordination, and skill had significant effect on academic performance with regression coefficients of .
In the base-case simulation, these structural variables are exogenous and shocked equal to their side simulation values, along with all other exogenous variables.
In the above equations, which apply to individual NSDUH respondents (with the corresponding observation-level subscript suppressed), vectors X and Z represent sets of exogenous variables that affect both drinking and enrollment (X), and drinking but not enrollment (Z), [omega] and [epsilon] are error terms that encompass all factors influencing the corresponding dependent variable that are not explicitly controlled for on the right hand side of the equations, and the [alpha]'s and [beta]'s are parameters to be estimated.
Then one regression was conducted from each exogenous variable to MD, and one regression was conducted from each endogenous variable to MD while accounting for the contributions from the upstream exogenous variables.
Bass (1969) was one of the early researchers who attempted to estimate the effects of mutual dependence between market share and exogenous variables.