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derived or originating externally

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Linking these endogenous reforms with the exogenous factor of globalisation, Wu (2001) argues that economic globalisation has created an imperative for growth, and that land and housing reforms have provided the needed internal changes.
Unlike neo-classical economics, which views recessions as the aberrant products of exogenous factors such as inappropriate state 'intervention', political economic analyses tend to view both booms and busts as normal features of capitalist economies.
In the author's "model", policy is used as the exogenous factor.
Given the exogenous factors assumed by the model, market structure and thus performance are the logical result.
There is now one exogenous factor and one endogenous factor determining change in the distribution of operated area between 1970 and 1984 in each village.
It is also important to consider only effective legislation as an exogenous factor.
Experts also note that there has been no significant improvement in fundamentals of the economy, with only exogenous factors - such as historically low international oil prices - providing some relief.
According to Frost & Sullivan a number of exogenous factors or Mega Trends will positively impact Africa s future prospects and the continent s growth story over the next ten years.
According to Frost & Sullivan a number of exogenous factors or Mega Trends will positively impact Africa's future prospects and the continent's growth story over the next ten years.
The forecast was made by DISY chief Averof Neophytou who based it on the economy's performance so far and on the assumption there would be no negative exogenous factors.
While exogenous factors such as natural disasters, the Iran/Iraq war, universal economic sanctions, and other impediments might have had their share of responsibility for the outcomes, the principal fault lines seem to have fallen in (1) the nature and quality of the plans themselves; (2) the devotion, competence, and integrity of the plan implementers; and (3) the extent of the planners' control over the country specific growth pivots.
The 'Stable' Outlook balances the strengths of the country's fiscal and external positions against its institutional weaknesses, reliance on hydrocarbon revenues and susceptibility to exogenous factors stemming from protracted periods of subdued hydrocarbon prices or an increase in geopolitical risk factors.
The impact of domestic reforms and exogenous factors should dramatically aid efforts to reduce the budgetary deficit.
Despite these exogenous factors, we expect demand for consumer lifestyle products such as smartphones, computers and Smart TV sets and Wi- Fi enabled digital cameras to be growth areas.
exogenous factors, our internal operating indicators remain positive.