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derived or originating externally

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In addition, a resource provider may be confronted with a very small window of opportunity to act, which is an exogenous factor co-determined by other factors outside of a market.
Unlike neo-classical economics, which views recessions as the aberrant products of exogenous factors such as inappropriate state 'intervention', political economic analyses tend to view both booms and busts as normal features of capitalist economies.
Detection of delayed density dependence: effects of autocorrelation in an exogenous factor.
There is now one exogenous factor and one endogenous factor determining change in the distribution of operated area between 1970 and 1984 in each village.
Clearly, the effects of the autocorrelated exogenous factor were readily observed in the shorter time series, as they were in the original 50-yr series.
Given the exogenous factors assumed by the model, market structure and thus performance are the logical result.
It is also important to consider only effective legislation as an exogenous factor.
Complications may arise in detecting density dependence if an exogenous factor is serially autocorrelated.
The overall performance of the group was noteworthy despite the challenges exerted by a number of exogenous factors, including the regional geopolitical instability, a general rise in the supply, muted demand in certain end markets, and an increase in the uncontrollable operating costs.
The inflation rate remains above NBGs target, however inflation level is consistent with the National Banks forecast and increase in CPI inflation is caused by exogenous factors affecting the supply side, such as increased excise taxes and the higher price of oil on international markets.
Yet risk is taken on along with unpredictable, exogenous factors that ultimately determine profit or loss.
Exogenous factors, such as climate, geographic location, and occupational exposures, also play a part.
The market may or may not correct to this value, depending on power of sentiment and exogenous factors.
We suggest investors focus on how the price equilibrium reacts to exogenous factors, which could see prices range from $48/b to $60 in 2020," the report said.
These are impressive figures, even if they were boosted by exogenous factors such as terrorist attacks and instability in competing destinations rather than any major change in our tourist product.