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derived or originating externally

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As scholar Eve Lynch has argued in her work on Victorian servitude and masquerade, "By signifying the exogenetic other, the chaos of the filthy exterior creates a barrier that fascinated the nineteenth-century imagination because it resists penetration, isolating the interior self from detection and observation.
The particles of clastic material transported from land to the sea which are exogenetic.
Spatial relations between geoforms are also defined and endogenetic and exogenetic processes taking place during the Holocene to sculpture the present landscape are analyzed.
Such a study thus contributes to promoting a more satisfying equilibrium between endo- and exogenetic factors in the composition of a text that has, of late, been popular.
In the terminology of Drazin and Sandlands (1992), our methodology reflects an autogenetic, rather than an exogenetic or endogenetic, view of organizational behavior.