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derived or originating externally

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Yann Algan, Camille Hemet, and David Laitin, Sciences Po, "Diversity and Local Public Good: A Natural Experiment with Exogeneous Residential Allocation"
Overall, the robustness analyses offer some evidence to support the hypothesis that the instruments are exogeneous.
Taking the work of Garcia-Sanchez and Prado-Lorenzo (2010) as a reference, and given the important increase in the demand for this public service, this study aimed to relate the efficiency in provision of local sports facilities through a selection of exogeneous socio-economic variables.
Exogeneous growth models, although very popular, are not the only models available.
Perhaps the difference in performance is due to exogeneous time shocks rather than output choices.
In an extensive culture practice, the target species completely depend on the natural food supply from the culture medium while semi-intensive culture practice lies between intensive (also known as endogeneous food supply) and extensive (also known as exogeneous food supply) in various degrees.
The use of Earnings per share as exogeneous variable, based on the statistical evidence from regression analysis, failed to establish significant relationship and causal link between EPS and speculative and pure risks, of 38 manufacturing companies in Bataan Economic Zone in the Philippines.
Integrons are naturally occurring gene acquisition systems which "help" bacteria capture exogeneous genes and incorporate them into their genomes (5,6).
This enzyme activity is indirectly regulated by natural immune modulators such as glucocorticosteroids and can be inhibited by exogeneous cortisosteroids used as anti-inflammatory drugs.
System Identification Toolbox includes number of models in continuous or discrete form, which can be used for identification of systems: ARX (Auto Regresive Exogeneous Input Model), ARMAX (Auto Regresive Moving Average Exogeneous Input Model) OE (Output Error Model), BJ (Box-Jenkins Model), SS (State-Space Model).
2] for 30min to extract the exogeneous metals and thereafter washed free of the salt solution.
For example for a third order Auto Regressive eXogeneous (ARX) model with k intervals of delay, Eq.
Overall, the robustness evaluation for both samples offers strong evidence to support the hypothesis that instruments are exogeneous.