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derived or originating externally

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Integrons are naturally occurring gene acquisition systems which "help" bacteria capture exogeneous genes and incorporate them into their genomes (5,6).
This enzyme activity is indirectly regulated by natural immune modulators such as glucocorticosteroids and can be inhibited by exogeneous cortisosteroids used as anti-inflammatory drugs.
69% of the value of observed gini indices were explained by the exogeneous variables in the model.
2] for 30min to extract the exogeneous metals and thereafter washed free of the salt solution.
For example for a third order Auto Regressive eXogeneous (ARX) model with k intervals of delay, Eq.
Overall, the robustness evaluation for both samples offers strong evidence to support the hypothesis that instruments are exogeneous.
Exposure to exogeneous estrogens in food: possible impact on human development and health.
For both sets of instruments, the overidentifying test of exogeneity cannot reject the null hypothesis that the teacher-specific mean math test score and discipline incidents are exogeneous.
But its origins are exogeneous, since the community arose through the resettlement in this area of a group of Black Uruguayans who accompanied Artigas into exile in Paraguay, during the Francia dictatorship].
Exogeneous melatonin administration significantly reduced MDA, XO and NO levels, increased GSH levels, and attenuated tissue lesion area.
As a result, we treat analyst following as an exogeneous variable in our multivariate analysis.
Also, it is assumed that the market parameters in the CAPM (risk-free rate, market returns, and systematic risk) are exogeneous and constant through time.