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a guided missile developed by the French government for use against ships

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MI6 launched an elaborate deception operation designed to convince the Argentinians they were buying Exocets on their behalf, when the real aim was to ensure no missiles ever reached Buenos Aires.
The Foreign Office discounted suggestions the boxes contained Exocet missiles, but were anxious to stop the flow of weapons.
The MM40 Exocet Block 3 has a range of up to 180 km (97 nm), and the ability to accept way-point guidance using Global Positioning System (GPS) information.
Undoubtedly, one finds the highlight of the book in the two chapters dealing with the missile attack and subsequent damage-control efforts, discussed in terms of lessons learned from the sinking of the Sheffield and Atlantic Conveyor as well as the evolution of tactics to combat the Exocet threat.
Christopher and Jane Chanin, of Whinmoor Close, Prenton, created a website using images of the Grim Reaper and referred to Exocet missiles and the Vietcong during their financial dispute with chemical giant Unichem.
The Gulf of nightly news clips is a cluttered bathtub, with tankers and warships packed so tightly they barely have room for incoming Exocets.
If DSK returns, scandals will come out as soon as he kicks off his (electoral) campaign, he'll be hit by Exocets," weekly Le Canard EnchaEne quoted Sarkozy, as saying.
Throughout the conflict, the Argentine government tried desperately but unsuccessfully to obtain more Exocets on the world market.
The Argentinians launch two Super Entenards with Exocets but the planes return without firing their missiles.
Somerfield has entered four teams, including the Somerfield Exocets, the Southern Belles and the Kernow Warriors, while Birds Eye has named its groups The Simpsons and Ice Birds.
And the 23-year-old Wolverhampton University graduate, who can outhurl Rory Delap, admits his main problem is not launching his exocets too far into the opponents' box.
It was an Exocet launched from a jet that demolished the UK destroyer HMS Sheffield, and of the eight vessels lost by both countries in the conflict, most were destroyed by Exocets or other guided missiles.