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a guided missile developed by the French government for use against ships

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In Whitehall concern was growing that France was preparing to release a consignment of four Exocet AM39s to Peru - despite clear warnings from British and French intelligence that they would end up in Argentina.
But later it emerged that the Exocet missile wasn't aimed at the Atlantic Conveyor, but at a warship.
Initially the French were reluctant to reveal how many Exocet AM39s they had supplied to Argentina.
At the end of 2013 Exocet gave Allsopp one of the "most special" moments of his training career when he accounted for Rockview Turbo, Farloe Trent, Jaytee Hellcat, Glenanore Dancer and Sawpit Sensation in the Night Of Stars Open 575 at Shelbourne Park.
Undoubtedly, one finds the highlight of the book in the two chapters dealing with the missile attack and subsequent damage-control efforts, discussed in terms of lessons learned from the sinking of the Sheffield and Atlantic Conveyor as well as the evolution of tactics to combat the Exocet threat.
See me, I'd rather stand in front of the one o'clock gun than stick my dome on one of those Exocet missiles.
The former Welsh Guard, who suffered horrific burns when his ship was hit by an Argentinian Exocet missile, has held talks with film bosses.
The Chinese cruise missile flies closer to the ocean's surface than the Exocet and is harder for radar to detect.
Other top sellers include it's Hard Surface Cleaner (G7), descaling Cleaner (C6), Tap and Shower Desealer (H1), industrial Grade Paint Remover (A10) and Exocet (X1), a newly formulated caustic granule which dissolves grease, oil, fat and hair in sinks, showers, washbasins, baths, urinals and drains.
The spokesman said: "There were a number of butane gas cylinders in the premises and if they go off it is like an uncontrolled Exocet missile.
ANSWERS: 1 Its conning tower; 2 William Congreve; 3 Exocet missile; 4 The Philippines; 5 The Green Cross Code; 6 Matchbox labels; 7 Mary Pickford; 8 Illinois; 9 Scottish bagpipes; 10 Showjumping.
By comparison, the French Exocet anti-ship missile, the only missile to have struck an American warship in combat, flies at slightly less than the speed of sound.
According to the Daily Mirror, she also castigated French President Francois Mitterrand amid mounting panic that he could allow Argentina to acquire more deadly Exocet missiles to attack British troops.
But the Essex Exocet somehow launched into a 3-1 lead at the mid-session interval.
His free-kicks were like exocet missiles, indeed I have rarely seen any player in North Wales football strike a ball so hard.