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an organelle in the cytoplasm of a living cell

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During the surgical consult appointment, the patient needs to honestly report all allergies, previous surgeries, and preferences for the PD catheter exit site.
The catheter exit site must remain clean and dry, covered by a nonocclusive dressing until healing has occurred (Burkart, 2015).
All isolates were obtained from urine samples, except for YD472, which was cultured from the peritoneal catheter exit site.
Touch contamination was the clinically determined cause in 17 cases and an exit site infection in one patient.
After five weeks of treatment with the combined regimen, the exit site demonstrated marked improvement and the patient did very well clinically.
Children can participate in sports as well and they have liberty of movement without fear of the catheter being pulled out, as there is no exit site.
The E Site is the exit site for the tRNA anticodon once it deposits its amino acid from the cytoplasm onto the growing polypeptide chain.
19) Exit site infections were defined as erythema, tenderness, induration or purulence affecting 2 cm of the skin at the exit site of the catheter.
Erythema and enduration 2 cm around the exit site of the catheter without bloodstream infection was noted as infection of the catheter exit site.
He is readmitted because of severe epistaxis and blood oozing from his tunneled central venous catheter exit site.
The pathway of current can be somewhat unpredictable, but in general, current passes from a point of entry through the body to a grounded site or exit site.
PAC hub swab and exit site swabs: Rayon-tipped swabs were used to sample the surface of the PAC introducer hub and from the skin at the PAC exit site which were then placed directly into charcoal-containing Amies Transport media[R].
A randomised controlled trial of topical exit site mupirocina application in patients with tunnelled, cuffed haemodialysis catheters.
The FES-IM lead wire exit site integrity was assessed according to the maintenance of a clear space for the electrode lead wires on the anterior thigh, with no interference from the gait robot thigh cuff.