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In addition to the small sample size, a very small proportion of the sample (n=15) had positive exit site cultures, further limiting the detection of relationships between variables.
All isolates were obtained from urine samples, except for YD472, which was cultured from the peritoneal catheter exit site.
Our two LCNI nurses reviewed documentation on all PD patients for the month of January 2010 and found that 100% (3/3) of exit-site documentation audited (pre-study) used the descriptor "D&I" (to mean "dry and intact") to describe the PD exit site.
6%) developed during catheter monitoring (seven catheter-related bloodstream infections, five catheter exit site infections, six thrombosis, two accidental dislocations).
The PAC hub and PAC exit site swabs were inoculated directly onto 5% horse blood agar and incubated aerobically at 35[degrees]C in 5% C[O.
A randomised controlled trial of topical exit site mupirocina application in patients with tunnelled, cuffed haemodialysis catheters.
The FES-IM lead wire exit site integrity was assessed according to the maintenance of a clear space for the electrode lead wires on the anterior thigh, with no interference from the gait robot thigh cuff.
Her Tenckhoff catheter exit site appeared to be noninfected.
A 4-0 Mersilene suture is attached to the needle and pulled through to the medial superior brow exit site (figure 2).
Depending on the severity of the infection, an exit site infection can be treated with antibiotics administered intravenously, orally, mixed in the dialysate, or applied as a topical ointment at the site.
Rig site and exit site limitations will also be discussed.
It requires practically no care of the cable exit site and, unlike abdominal cables, does not require frequent redressing with sterile bandages that may require expensive home nursing.
Posters Award Winners: 1st Place: "Redesigning peritoneal dialysis catheter exit site classification," Patsy Cho, Emelie Exconde, Virginia Sulit, Gillian Brunier, Shirley Drayton, Toronto, Ontario.
The unit also features the patented Remote Lockout System, two-way communication and control tool that allows workers to lockout drill stem rotation, thrust and fluid flow along the bore path or at the exit site.
The SecurAcath system is designed to improve catheter securement by decreasing catheter maintenance time and related costs, reducing catheter-related infections by improving cleaning of catheter exit site and minimizing catheter motion, decreasing skin surface issues, and eliminating needle stick injuries that may occur when suturing catheters.