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Synonyms for angst

Synonyms for angst

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an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety

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He does exactly the opposite of what Camus proposes humankind should do in order to survive in an absurd universe; instead of celebrating life in its everyday form, Marvin dwells in existential despair.
The power to validate the self lies in the hands of others, leading to (co)dependence and ultimately to a sense of futility, meaninglessness, and existential despair.
During the turbulent '60s and early '70s--with an unjust war, political assassinations, and corruption in high office tearing at the fabric of real-life society--the moral confusion and existential despair of films like The Graduate and Carnal Knowledge, Midnight Cowboy and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Measured against his own existential despair, their vision fails.
It also experienced the concomitant disadvantages of a dislocation of values, internecine warfare and random violence, political corruption and revolution, ethnic and racial tensions, new disease, and existential despair.
I think she felt something more like existential despair - which is what makes many artists tick.
The intensity of the play also has to do with the existential despair that the father's behavior engenders in the son, who slowly begins to realize the truth.
In testimony during the Independent Commission on the Los Angeles Police Department (The Christopher Commission), a UCLA psychiatrist said, "Police are now required to be diagnosticians, and indeed, gatekeepers with respect to the intoxicated, the mentally ill, the traumatized, the emotionally distraught, the bereaved, and even those in the grip of existential despair.
Even when I'm feeling healthy, I can feel gripped with existential despair, the feeling that if I'm not imbuing every moment of my life with intense meaning, it's a senseless waste.
You may have woken up to find yourself transformed into a giant fly, but if you accept your existential despair, you will be able to withstand the shouts of crowds, the disallowing of valid goals that teams scored against you and the incessant buzzing of the vuvuzela.
Though the final chapters of the novel largely turn on Eric's existential despair and epiphanies about the string-pullers in his society, Davys keeps the plot moving by employing a few tools from the noir playbook.
Ever the actor, he moves in and out of various characters in some songs, sometimes with hard-boiled hilarity and, in other instances, deep in existential despair over a spiritual earthquake zone that even the ``Hotel California'' Eagles might deem too darkly shattering.
Lorne Jackson was quivering with terror, rage, horror and existential despair at 3.
In contrast, John Paul II, while acknowledging the creativity of the human sell sees this praxis as mainly cultural and religious, as the capacity of individuals to transcend existential despair and alienation.
Gyllensten's latest novel is both social criticism and an exploration of existential despair.