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At low ambient air temperatures, condensation occurs at the exhaust air side of a counterflow heat exchanger.
Recently, some researchers working at swine-growing facilities also identified antibiotics in settled dust, which includes feed and excrement particles, and others found one drug--and bacteria resistant to it--in exhaust air emitted from buildings containing livestock (SN: 7/5/03, p.
Use Blanking Panels: Blanking panels improve airflow through the rack, minimize air loss and help prevent exhaust air recirculation.
Efficiency benefits include reduced collector sizes and operation costs due to low CFM and static requirements and a reduction of air makeup and conditioning costs to the melt area due to the decrease of exhaust air.
Yet, collecting approximately 98% of the over spray in a so-called "reclaim coat," following it with a color top coat, and topping it off with a powdered clear coat--a process PPG calls "P2Zero"--eliminates the need for a mixing room, paint waste, and exhaust air treatment systems; significant cost centers in an assembly plant.
The patented aluminum heat-exchange core transfers energy in the exhaust air to the incoming fresh air, while its crossflow design ensures that no outgoing air or moisture contaminates the incoming fresh air.
exhaust air in a set with automation system for residential buildings in
Another important benefit is that only the booster's fiinctional parts come into contact with instrument air, while the booster's exhaust air port can be protected from the weather or other environmental factors.
Based on a vacuum post-curing principle, the method utilizes a highly efficient exhaust air recycling system that greatly reduces waste gas.
In the reverse design, the path is switched so the warm exhaust air is between the hot die and the cold inlet air, effectively using the exhaust air to insulate between the hot die and cold inlet air.
Nu-Heat's heat pump offering includes ground source, air source and exhaust air, and the range can meet any load requirement, from 1kW with an exhaust air heat pump to 60kW using a ground source heat pump.
And a customized exhaust air cleaning system provides for a reduction of emissions.
There was no minimum airflow setpoint for the exhaust air valves.
Equipped with a self cleaning HEPA filter, the ABSOLUT Cephir System effectively and safely removes and contains high volumes of extremely fine dust particulates from the exhaust air of production machines in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical, nutrition and food.
When completed, the OEC power plant will convert unused exhaust air from the cement plant's clinker cooler into electric power.