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Or as it is put more positively in the dialogue, life in this religious household consists of "a continual Exercize of Heroical Industry in most Noble & weighty Affaires" (35).
The most obvious but not the only example is that of the missions organized to monitor elections or to strengthen rights and national legislations following the electoral observation exercize.
In the Orwellian year, there was much to exercize the politically engaged writer, as Christopher Murray has noted:
I saw a program about 30 years ago, with a woman who said you should exercize your face every day," de Jong says.
In this case, the dominant firm which purchased on an exclusive basis the premium contents assumed the role of a market gate-keeper (namely, of a firm able to exercize a significant influence on the premium contents market) delivering contents to its own platform and to competing platforms on a non discriminatory basis.
To get an answer to this we are referred way across west of the Rocky Mountains to Washington State University where Professor Warwick Bailey is the Dean of the Veterinary School and one of the world's greatest experts on Equine Exercize Physiology.
The goals of this exercize were: to clearly show to all the participants the basic principles of profile roasting theory; to perform roasts with profile recipes that could illustrate the potential of this technique to improve the cup; and the main focus of this event was, to collect reliable data by obtaining cupping results and conclusions of a large number of cupping professionals representing roasters from throughout Brazil.
46) Article 1D's function was to ensure that if for some reason either of these agencies failed to exercize its role before a final resolution of the refugee situation, that agency's function was to be transferred to the UNHCR and the Refugee Convention would fully and immediately apply without preconditions to the Palestinian refugees.
INTEGRATED MOVEMENT EXERCIZE is a cross-conditioning system that shapes the legs, hips, abdominals, back, chest and arms.