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Synonyms for exercise

Synonyms for exercise

energetic physical action

repetition of an action so as to develop or maintain one's skill

to bring to bear steadily or forcefully

to subject to or engage in forms of exertion in order to train, strengthen, or condition

to carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of

Synonyms for exercise

a task performed or problem solved in order to develop skill or understanding


Related Words

put to use

carry out or practice

give a workout to

learn by repetition

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630315 today exercised the Option by forwarding $1,000,000 to DiaMet.
She later exercised the options, and the corporation issued a form 1099 to the ex-husband showing the bargain element (the difference between the stock's fair market value and the exercise price) as compensation income.
Also, when the ex-wife exercised the options, there were no tax consequences to either party.
When the ex-wife exercised the options, the ex-husband initially reported the spread as gain on his return, but subsequently submitted a claim for a refund, on the ground that the ex-wife's subsequent exercise of the NQSOs was not a taxable event for him.
There were no additional tax consequences to either spouse when the wife later exercised the options.