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a person skilled in exegesis (especially of religious texts)

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But, once faith entered their hearts through their submission to God, it was God, as the exegetes remind us, who transformed their inward state from one of animosity to comradely love and reconciliation.
For most readers of Benedict's book this will be received as an immense liberation, a recovery of the fullness of Christ in every page of scripture, but for critical exegetes and theologians it is more likely to induce gnashing of teeth and the sense of doors being locked.
As indicated above, medieval and most modern exegetes have had no problems accepting this situation of male supremacy and dominance as the norm.
More relevant to this inquiry is the immediate intellectual context behind fray Luis' Hebrew expertise and his acknowledged recourse to Jewish exegetes, whether directly or in translation -- an act of daring in the face of the Inquisition.
Historicist exegetes, most of whom were academics with training in History and the Classics, diligently explored the pages of Roman and Christian history, as well as contemporary historical works, for instances of fulfilled prophecy.
s real divergence from exegetes like Raymond Brown and Hermann Gunkel is ultimately measured by their source-critical disagreements.
Agriculturalist, theologian, and biblical archaeologist Guillaume seeks to make biblical exegetes more familiar with ancient farming and its techniques by integrating some of the growing body of knowledge derived from economic studies of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.
Fifteen writers cover a millennium of biblical interpretation ranging from Gregory I (sixth century), Jewish exegesis, Greek Orthodox exegesis, scholastic exegesis, the humanists, and a whole series of chapters on the Reformation--Luther (by an Anglican from Australia), Melanchthon (by Timothy Wengert), Calvin, the English re formers, Anabaptists, and exegetes from the Catholic Counter Reformation.
Chapter 3 traces the Franciscan precursors of Nicholas who shared his concerns, as well as the currents of theology that set the stage for his own commentaries: "Ongoing Jewish unbelief was a puzzle particularly for those exegetes who accepted that Hebrew Scripture was key to an understanding of God's Word and that the Jews held critical insights into Scripture's literal sense" (61).
Outre ces imams, l'instance comptera dans sa composante les secretaires generaux des conseils scientifiques des wilayas, des exegetes et des specialistes de differents domaines, dont la medecine, l'economie, le droit et l'astronomie.
So, for example, the early exegetes were way ahead of modern literary critics of the Bible in recognizing that Scripture often employs modes of expression that are sometimes puzzling and cannot be clarified by adherence to a simple historical or literal interpretation.
In each era Seow pays attention to the consequences in literature, visual arts, and music, in addition to the expected exegetes and theologians.
Ancient Greek Inside Out: The Semantics of Grammatical Constructions: Guide for Exegetes and Students in Classical and New Testament Greek
Rustom then presents the Qur'anic exegetes, schools of Hadith literature, theologians, philosophers, Sufis, and poets who were most formative of Sadra as a thinker and shows where they appear in his writing.
Exegetes and theologians help the church to mature in her own judgment.