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a person appointed by a testator to carry out the terms of the will

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Weller settled the bill, and, issuing forth, the executor, legatee, attorney, and umpires, directed their steps towards the city.
Counsel's Office,' replied the executor in a whisper.
Q What can be done to resolve a situation where there are two executors and trustees who are jointly responsible for the implementation of a will and they disagree on its interpretation?
Trustees or executors should keep at least one bank account open in the decedent's name for at least a year.
But keep in mind that having multiple executors can complicate things.
THE ESTATE OF THOMAS CURTIN LATE OF 29, ASHINGTON AVENUE OFF NAVAN ROAD, DUBLIN 7 SECTION 49 SUCCESSION ACT STATUTORY NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to Section 49 of the Succession Act 1965 that particulars in writing of all claims against the Estate of the above named deceased who died on the 28th November 2004 Probate of whose Will was granted to the Executors on 7th March 2011 should be furnished to the undersigned Solicitors for the Executors on or before the 1st day of January 2015 after which date the assets will be distributed having regard only to the clairns furnished.
This is not always straightforward, and the complexities of Inheritance Tax can lead to mistakes by Executors and subsequent under/ overpayments of tax.
Because each radio channels make programs for specific audiences and in their programs use both male and female executors incoordination, Thus gender and kind of their spoken word and speech has a great role in attracting the audience for the program.
uk has released a Guide to Choosing Executors - free to download from the site - which sets out the options.
Executors of estates that are not required to file Form 706 under Sec.
Where the executors are corporate bodies, they are likely to outlive us.
It is very important when making your will that you choose your executors carefully and ensure you have spoken to them prior to appointing them to make sure they are happy to act as executor of your estate.
Professional executors do however come at a price, and with the financial strains of the recession, some people have been tempted into doing it themselves.
New York, August 5 ( ANI ): Janet Jackson's lawyer has said that she will "press forward" with the fight against the executors of her late brother Michael's estate, even though she has been "relentlessly" portrayed in the negative light.
Linda said: "The fact that Mark made me and his brother Paul the executors of his will speaks volumes.