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Many executives also expressed difficulty finding and retaining talented people to become lease administrators.
The programs are customized for executives in business and public practice.
A recent poll conducted by Cejka Search in partnership with the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE) reveals significant challenges for physician executives who seek to transition among health care sectors--for example, moving from a management position in a hospital to a health benefits organization or from a health benefits organization to a group practice, for example.
ITAM in Mexico recently developed a customized management development program for Mexican and Central American executives of a global multinational.
Custom programs, which can run as high as $400,000 per program, are currently more popular than open-enrollment programs, which group together executives from various companies, industries and countries.
The custom programs are making money for the business schools, and executives are finding a rich vein of affordable training expertise that often has benefits beyond price.
When executives can voluntarily defer compensation during the plan year, the Service will examine whether such executives could determine the actual amount deferred and make the deferral, and whether they are in violation of the constructive receipt doctrine.
The book contains a list of 10 commandments that pertain to the personal and professional conduct of executives along with a number of ways to minimize personal civil liability, including those areas of prime potential for lawsuits.
They represent the middle ground in golf - the executive courses.
CIOs are one of the few groups of executives who have a real 'helicopter' view of the enterprise, and their executive colleagues are now realizing how valuable that is.
Outgoing 1993 Chief Executive of the Year Jack Welch, chairman and chief executive of General Electric, will be presenting this year's award.
At Tax Executives Institute's 1992 Annual Conference, the Institute's Corporate Tax Management Committee held a session on outsourcing, featuring a panel of TEI members and representatives of three Big 6 accounting firms.
Communication executives in the late '80s and '90s will increasingly become information managers.
In his recent "State of the Economy" speech, President Bush criticized lavish salaries and bonuses for corporate executives and issued a warning for corporate boards to "step up to their responsibilities" and tie compensation packages to performance.
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