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protective covering consisting of a panel to protect people from the splashing water or mud etc

instrument panel on an automobile or airplane containing dials and controls

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The iSolved executive dashboard was created to provide business leaders with the data they need in snapshot form, while allowing drill down capabilities when necessary," said Trish Stromberg, Vice President of Marketing.
The Executive Dashboard delivers the information in a format that is easy to understand and at the appropriate level for executive management.
Executive Dashboards provide a graphical representation of key business information in real-time, enabling business executives to make better informed decisions.
The Harris Executive Dashboard is exactly what we needed to give our management team concise information showing how our network and services are performing, and enable them to take preventive or corrective actions," said Baraak Al-Sabeeh, general manager of MTC-Vodafone.
Just simplifying royalty collection can justify executive dashboard investment.
Castle CRM, a customer relationship management (CRM) consulting and application development company, has released a new services solution for building executive dashboards via Best Software's SalesLogix Enterprise Suite.
The Dow Jones Executive Dashboard, developed by Dow Jones Client Solutions, brings the most important news and information together in a single location so that CEOs gain a 360 degree view of internal and external events across the business.
According to the company, the NetBoss Executive Dashboard provides managers and executives with a graphical display of network status, usage and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), accessible via the web.
The average estimated bottom-line contribution of their executive dashboard (without subtracting costs for ROI) was approximately $250,000 over a 12 month period, while about 25 percent claimed to have seen more than $500,000 in value from their dashboard.
With Executive Dashboard and several other THINK360 programs, such as Desktop Channel(TM), DHL is achieving landmark success in brand control, e-commerce, merchandising, company communications, inventory management, customer loyalty and more.
MDS Lavastorm Analytics, today announced its participation in the Executive Dashboard for Data Analytics and Business Benchmarking Catalyst live demonstration at TM Forum's Management World Americas 2011 that will show how communications service providers (CSPs) can leverage business analytics to transform disparate operational data into actionable and timely insight, thereby improving customer experience.
today announced the development of a new control system feature called the Enterprise Executive Dashboard.
Embedded Market Forecasters in proud to introduce the Embedded Executive Dashboard a web based source of detailed information that permits you, an executive, to gain information and insights to your industry, your competition and your current and prospective customers.
The new EMF Executive Dashboard allows 24/7 web access (from anywhere there is an Internet connection) to the extensive EMF database, and permits the user to perform unlimited cross tabs using Boolean filtering techniques.
14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Harris Corporation , a leading global supplier of Service Assurance solutions, today announced the launch of the Harris NetBoss(R) Executive Dashboard by MTC-Vodafone, Kuwait.
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