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Haji Abdul Rasheed said on the occasion that the elected district government allocated huge amount of fund for the development and welfare of the masses, now it was responsibility of the executive agencies to maintains the quality of works and make sure the removal of hurdles in this regard, he added.
The government considered the progress of implementation of the action plans and obligations by the government members, heads of executive agencies, region governors, mayors of Bishkek and Osh.
Abad said the executive agencies would have the final say on how to use the realigned pork funds and would have to come up with guidelines on this as the funds are not part of their regular programs.
Published on 20 November(1), the court's audit demonstrates that the creation of these six executive agencies in 2003, which are responsible for managing a financial envelope of around 32 billion for the period till 2013, was driven by the need to compensate for staff shortages at the Commission rather than being part of a general reform of governance.
Regulatory agencies play a greater role than executive agencies in terms of decision shaping.
Executive agencies use Executive Resources Boards to review the executive and technical qualifications of eligible candidates for initial SES career appointments and make recommendations on the best qualified.
Here are a few select fundamentals to help physicians work more effectively with executive agencies.
749, requiring all executive agencies to use competitive procedures for the procurement of products from Federal Prison Industries, Inc.
Q: Most regulation now comes via executive agencies rather than the legislative process.
First Institutional Securities and several executive agencies of U.
Of the bills, 59 concern the establishment of British-style executive agencies, such as a national archives and an institute for agricultural technology research.
Built into the system were checks and balances, such as syndication (the regular review of the rectors' performance) and legislative limits on interference by executive agencies in the judicial process.
This situation led to such shortcomings as fragmentation of the legal framework, lack of complete and accurate information on paid services, commercialization of executive agencies, absence of the list of free services provided by executive agencies.
If enacted, this bill would allow executive agencies to have greater flexibility in making emergency federal procurements that would facilitate the defense against, or recovery from, terrorism or nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attack.
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