chief executive officer

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the corporate executive responsible for the operations of the firm

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We've only got 54 councillors, three MPs, one chief executive, chief executive assistant, CV1 and the County Council which puts its nose in now and again.
Since April, the Valencia-based company has lost its chief executive, chief financial and chief operating officers in the wake of an accounting scandal.
British Pig Executive, Chief Executive Mick Sloyan said: "The PIDS board and BPEX reviewed the amount of money collected to date, together with interest, and projected pig slaughterings in the coming months.
Since January 1999, the chief financial officer, chief nursing executive, chief operating officer and chief executive officer all let their jobs.
T's witness had arrived at his estimate of H's maximum reasonable compensation in part by aggregating the salaries that T would have had to pay to hire four people each to wear one of H's "hats," as (CEO), chief manufacturing executive, chief R&D officer and chief sales and marketing executive.
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