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a squad formed to fire volleys at a military funeral or to carry out a military execution

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After a year filled with harsh interrogations and beatings, whipped feet, solitary confinement, and even a scheduled execution by firing squad, Sharifirad was released.
Utah banned execution by firing squad in 2004, retaining lethal injection as the default method for carrying out death sentences.
Samanatha Orabator, the pregnant British woman accused of drug smuggling in Laos, will now apparently escape execution by firing squad even if she's found guilty.
The militants and their families did not seek a presidential pardon, but filed a judicial review with the Constitutional Court, saying that execution by firing squad amounts to torture because they may not die immediately.
In August 1945, with the Allies tightening the net, the malnourished prisoners were pushed on to a train to be taken away for execution by firing squad.
The Court upholds execution by firing squad but prohibits drawing and quartering, burning alive, and disembowling (none were common).
The protest followed angry scenes in Khartoum during which knifewielding fundamentalists called for the execution by firing squad of Mrs Gibbons.
Iraqi law provides that death sentences in criminal cases be carried out by hanging, except for military courts, which can order execution by firing squad.
Aristide has two choices: prison or execution by firing squad.
Amrozi faces execution by firing squad if found guilty by the court on the tropical resort island.
So such a woman would be dragged out of the building and put to public execution by firing squad.
For example, as a child she witnessed an execution by firing squad of sixteen partisans in her native town of Carpi.
Paul had been held prisoner before his execution by firing squad in the basement of their home.
In it he describes several of the cases resulting in execution by firing squad from 1914-1920.