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capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are

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ServerSM: It is the name of executable program and file-transmission server (transmitter) program.
We then apply the compiler, and an executable program results.
During the first activity (propagation), the virus spreads to other boot sector executable programs (for an explanation of technical terms used in this article, see the sidebar "Defining the jargon of Viruses" on page 41).
If possible, avoid executable programs that come off bulletin boards.
The patent provides a method for performing an update of an executable program and covers Red Bend's core update technology as implemented throughout its product portfolio.
As a core development tool, the Diab CIC++ compiler suite allows software developers to create an executable program by taking application cede written in a high-level language such as C or C++ and converting it into machine language that runs on the target application.
The full MPC Configurator is available to customers in two ways: as an executable program downloaded from http://www.
The successful completion of the integrated baseline review confirms to the Air Force that the fully integrated team, under Raytheon's leadership, is delivering an executable program that is on schedule for success.
Newpic" is an executable program written in Visual Basic and is complied in an EXE file about 50Kb in length.
exe means an executable program that could be malware.
The TEMPpoint application is an executable program created with Measure Foundry[R] that allows you to acquire temperature measurements, display, analyze, and save data to disk, all without writing any code.
All TR1000 models share one application programming interface (API) that allows vendors to eliminate redundant development and deploy a single executable program, vastly simplifying distribution and support.
Blue Pearl Software tools are developed to work together seamlessly in a single executable program with a user-friendly environment.
The Integrated Baseline Review milestone confirms that Boeing is leading a robust, stable and executable program.
The end result is a device-independent executable program that is presented to Pocket PC users as an icon on their screens.