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Synonyms for excursion

Synonyms for excursion

a usually short journey taken for pleasure

Synonyms for excursion

wandering from the main path of a journey


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Erasing involves controlling the balance through a series of decreasing excursions, thereby approaching the weighing position in a consistent manner.
Together they engaged in a tough-muscled excursion braided through with a text that also ranged from the poetic ("The cellists go by in a carriage of Chinese tea, biting the air and open-hearted caresses.
The excursions may have had nothing to do with it, but following the introduction of organised outings in 1903 the membership for 1904 quadrupled to over 100.
Additional staff involved in this initiative included the director of social work, whose department arranges for resident excursions and out-on-pass day trips; the director of recreation, whose department arranges for facility resident trips; the director of performance improvement/inservice, whose department is responsible for monitoring, reviewing and assessing the plan and the data and evaluating the training and competency of the drivers; and the director of rehabilitation and the director of nursing, who are involved with all aspects of resident care.
Also, boosting the Super Duty's 300,000-unit annual production volume by 50,000 Excursions made a juicy financial plan.
Ranges and limits that constitute compliant operation and excursions must be determined through testing or through sound engineering practice.
The Excursions 1-12 are focused primarily on the location aspect of the information research process.
Together with what had been published on the protection offered by buildings--including basements--Ehrlich and Ring computed combinations of initial continuous confinement and subsequent periods of daily outdoor excursions necessary to protect sheltered survivors from acute radiation injury.
With five adventure consultants to organize and manage all of the club's events, Living 4 Adventure has sponsored over 200 excursions to date in Washington, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.
On "Cozumel Plus" itineraries, guests now have access to a variety of new excursions, many taking place on Mexico's mainland with unforgettable tours like swimming with whale sharks, visiting centuries-old ruins and swimming in hidden caverns, just to name a few, complementing nearly 50 existing tours already available.
The several strong excursions in the late Middle and Upper Ordovician are coupled with climatic changes and have been rather well studied in many parts of the world.
Treasures of Tuscany Includes Escorted Excursions Includes Escorted Excursions 8 days, from PS849pp Includes Escorted Excursions From Gothic to Gaudi, the ramblas to the champlas, in Barcelona there is artistry on every street corner.
Travel Business Review-February 10, 2014--Thomson Cruises offers new shore excursions for summer
It features nightly cabaret entertainment, 4 nights half board plus lunch time sandwiches, hot drinks and free bar as per brochure, afternoon tea dance, excursions and more.
Stay in a wide choice of hotels in some delightful resorts, rest and relax, or join the well-priced optional excursions, which include a Grand Circular lake tour, incomparable Venice, Shakespeare's Verona and the towering Dolomite mountains.