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Synonyms for excursion

Synonyms for excursion

a usually short journey taken for pleasure

Synonyms for excursion

wandering from the main path of a journey


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There our diving-dress was taken off, not without some trouble, and, fairly worn out from want of food and sleep, I returned to my room, in great wonder at this surprising excursion at the bottom of the sea.
The undersigned will make an excursion as above during the coming season, and begs to submit to you the following programme:
Already, applications have been received from parties in Europe wishing to join the Excursion there.
A list was appended, which consisted chiefly of books relating to the Holy Land, since the Holy Land was part of the excursion and seemed to be its main feature.
I never returned from these excursions empty-handed.
Rio de Janeiro -- Excursion north of Cape Frio -- Great Evaporation -- Slavery -- Botofogo Bay -- Terrestrial Planariae -- Clouds on the Corcovado -- Heavy Rain -- Musical Frogs -- Phosphorescent Insects -- Elater, springing powers of -- Blue Haze -- Noise made by a Butterfly -- Entomology -- Ants -- Wasp killing a Spider -- Parasitical Spider -- Artifices of an Epeira -- Gregarious Spider -- Spider with an unsymmetrical Web.
23rd we arrived at Rio, having finished our pleasant little excursion.
Georgy was always present at the play, but it was the Major who put Emmy's shawl on after the entertainment; and in the walks and excursions the young lad would be on ahead, and up a tower-stair or a tree, whilst the soberer couple were below, the Major smoking his cigar with great placidity and constancy, whilst Emmy sketched the site or the ruin.
There were jaunty young Cambridge-men travelling with their tutor, and going for a reading excursion to Nonnenwerth or Konigswinter; there were Irish gentlemen, with the most dashing whiskers and jewellery, talking about horses incessantly, and prodigiously polite to the young ladies on board, whom, on the contrary, the Cambridge lads and their pale-faced tutor avoided with maiden coyness; there were old Pall Mall loungers bound for Ems and Wiesbaden and a course of waters to clear off the dinners of the season, and a little roulette and trente-et-quarante to keep the excitement going; there was old Methuselah, who had married his young wife, with Captain Papillon of the Guards holding her parasol and guide-books; there was young May who was carrying off his bride on a pleasure tour (Mrs.
Besides The Prelude, of which we have already spoken, Wordsworth's other long poems are The Excursion and The White Doe of Rylstone.
But Wordsworth never finished his great design and The Excursion remains a fragment.
No, it's a useless journey you're making," she said, mentally addressing a party in a coach and four, evidently going for an excursion into the country.
The 2nd annual Southwest Florida Birding Festival features fascinating lectures and demonstrations, arts and other family fun activities as well as numerous guided bird watching excursions throughout the Naples, Marco Island and Everglades area, known as one of the top bird watching destinations in the world.
Ultimate Excursions has already seen an increase in travel requests and is expecting this number to continue to rise as snowfall arrives.
13]C isotope excursions that have been recognized in the Middle and Upper Ordovician, ten of which have been formally named (Fig.