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a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right)

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Commission Vice-President in charge of competition policy JoaquE[degrees]n Almunia said: "Greece has cooperated fully with the Commission to ensure that OPAP will not benefit from any undue financial advantage through the prolongation of its exclusive rights and its license for video lottery terminals.
SafeNet said it gets the exclusive right to market CTAM's encryption appliances, which work on Sonet and ATM networks, while CTAM gets the exclusive right to sell SafeNet's products in Australia.
Companies that continued to pay for exclusive rights would face fines of up to $30,000 for three offenses and could have franchises revoked for further offenses.
Exclusive brokerage arrangements are of two types: exclusive agency and exclusive right to sell or deal.
The granting of such exclusive rights, under the proper terms and conditions, confers a benefit upon the public that outweighs the evils of the temporary monopoly.
After MCA purchased exclusive rights, it was discovered that a number of companies were issuing unauthorized releases of Chess recordings.
The Bush Administration gave the company exclusive rights to harvest the Pacific yew trees that grow on Federal lands and exclusive rights to use the millions of dollars' worth of Federal research on Taxol.
Importantly, this patent is not specific to a particular plant species, but instead provides Chromatin with exclusive rights to use mini-chromosome technology in all plants.
MCA Music Entertainment Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Al Teller had announced in November 1992, a landmark court ruling regarding the Chess Masters and unveiled an aggressive campaign to protect and enforce MCA's exclusive rights to the 25,000 titles which comprise the historic Chess Catalog.
Beverage Concepts to Introduce the Liquid Experience - a Beverage Line with the Exclusive Rights to Jimi Hendrix
Facing the loss of exclusive rights to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other cartoon stars, Walt Disney Co.
Under terms of the agreement, Soricon has granted VeriFone non- exclusive rights to distribute and jointly market Soricon's MR1000 and MR2000 CheckReaders in the United States.
Company's Exclusive Rights to Hybrid Lighting Technology from University of California-Santa Barbara Combined with Exclusive Rights to Scattered Photon Extraction Technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Creates Foundation for Sustainable Competitive Advantage
The city Transportation Commission voted Thursday to prohibit hotels and other businesses in Los Angeles from charging taxi companies for exclusive rights to pick up fares.
Agouron will have exclusive rights to develop, manufacture and market anti-hepatitis C and anti-herpes drugs in the United States, Canada and Mexico.