tax collector

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someone who collects taxes for the government

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And curiously they'll raise a dram In memory of an excise man.
It once briefly had one of the coolest pub names of all - The Devil and Excise Man - because of its close proximity to the Customs house that stood across the way.
44sec record at Wimbledon in 1988, and half-sister to Excise Man (Dipmac--Creamery Cheque), fourth in Romford's Champion Stakes and Crayford's Carlsberg Vase in 1990.
Fred and his pals were loading barrels of illicit booze when an excise man appeared.
For most of us, duty is the money we pay the excise man for alcohol.
He gets cranky while an excise man (a miserable-looking Tom Bell) continues his investigation of him.
Two other poets born in Brecon were Walter Churchey, one of the pillars of the Methodist cause, and Jane Cave, the daughter of an excise man who was converted by the preaching of Howel Harris.