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NIST has completed a series of measurements to determine the damage threshold and lifetime of optical materials under intense ultraviolet (UV) radiation produced by excimer lasers.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in August 1998 to commence a randomized trial at 10 medical institutions for use of its minimally invasive procedure in the peripheral excimer laser angioplasty (PELA) study to treat total occlusions in leg arteries.
It can also include the software that controls excimer lasers.
The dose measurements are performed using a beam-splitter-based calibration system in which a spatially uniform beam from an argon-fluoride excimer laser is generated using a special beam homogenizer.
The Company is extremely proud to have developed the first ophthalmic excimer laser system to be approved for commercial use in the United States.
This new study is unrelated to the Company's PMA application to commercially market and sell its excimer laser in the United States for the treatment of nearsightedness which was recommended for conditional approval by the FDA Ophthalmic Advisory Panel on October 20, 1994.
On March 21, 1994, the FDA Ophthalmic Advisory Panel recommended approval of the Company's PMA application to commercially market and sell its excimer laser in the United States for PTK, conditioned upon the Company's provision of some additional patient follow-up data.
Note that the complete name for this ophthalmic laser is "WaveLight ALLEGRETTO WAVE([R]) Eye-Q Excimer Laser System for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) treatments of myopic refractive errors up to -12.
Santa Clara, CA) (Nasdaq:COHR) today announced that it started shipment of the LAMBDA SX 315C excimer laser which is designed to dramatically reduce costs while increasing both yield and throughput in flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing.
NASDAQ: VISN-Common; VISNW-Warrant) today announced the placement of excimer laser systems in Cardiff, Wales and London, England.
These outcomes relate directly to what the IntraLase laser does below the flap: creating an optimal corneal architecture for the procedure's second step, treatment by the excimer laser.
NASDAQ: VISN-Common; VISNW-Warrant) announced today that it has completed the establishment of the first national network of excimer laser refractive surgery centers anywhere in the world.
McDonald has been the principal investigator of three National Eye Institute grants for the study of refractive surgery: radial keratotomy (at the LSU Clinical Center for the Prospective Evaluation of Radial Keratotomy (PERK) study), epikeratophakia, and excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy, as well as numerous industrial grants.
The Hunkeler Eye Clinic also serves as a national training center for ophthalmologists interested in learning about excimer laser applications for refractive surgery.
I took a lifetime of work, study and knowledge, and, during my four years at PhotoMedex, created the first-generation excimer laser for the treatment of dermatological diseases.