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a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded

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Krasnodar, October 12, 2015: PJSC "Magnit", Russia's largest food retailer (the "Company"; the "Issuer", MOEX and LSE: MGNT) announces the commencing date of the exchange-traded bonds placement.
King will leverage his experience building and launching over 70 exchange-traded products to introduce a lineup of investment strategies that solve inefficiencies across different markets.
The Order applies to 18 initial exchange-traded managed funds for which Eaton Vance filed registration statements on July 30, 2014 and future funds managed by Eaton Vance and its affiliates that comply with the terms and conditions of the Order.
Pioneered on Canada's own TSE in 1990 under the name TIPS 35, exchange-traded funds are enjoying immense popularity around the globe, particularly in the United States.
The concept has been around for more than a year through what are known as ETFs or exchange-traded funds.
The cash markets for such financial instruments were well developed long before the introduction of exchange-traded futures and options, and, for some instruments, privately negotiated derivatives also predated exchange trading.
ETC is carving out a niche as a portal to launch new, custom exchange-traded funds efficiently and cost-effectively through a complete turnkey solution.
The Exchange-traded bonds shall be redeemed in advance at the outstanding part of the nominal value.
At the meeting of the Board of Directors of Power Machines OJSC held on June 23, 2014 a decision on placement of exchange-traded bonds and approval of issuing documents was adopted.
NEW YORK -- NYSE Euronext (NYX) and PIMCO, a leading global investment management firm, today celebrates the first day of trading of The PIMCO Total Return Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) by ringing the Opening Bell simultaneously from PIMCO's headquarters in Newport Beach, CA, office and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
Krasnodar, July 16, 2015 : PJSC "Magnit", Russia's largest food retailer (the "Company"; MOEX and LSE: MGNT) announces the procedure of exchange-traded bonds placement and terms for the offers' submission.
The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) announces that Exchange-traded Australian Government Bonds (AGBs) will be available for trading on ASX on 21 May 2013, giving retail investors access to buy and sell these products as easily as shares.
OKLAHOMA CITY -- Exchange Traded Concepts Trust (Trust) filed a preliminary prospectus with the SEC on December 16th, 2011 to launch an innovative high income MLP ETF, the first exchange-traded fund that tracks the Solactive High Income MLP Index (Index).
Krasnodar, July 16, 2015: PJSC "Magnit", Russia's largest food retailer (the "Company"; the "Issuer", MOEX and LSE: MGNT) announces the commencing date of the exchange-traded bonds placement.