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a mutual fund that is traded on a stock exchange

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Furthermore, the risks and burdens bore by investors seeking to put their money in exchange traded funds are generally less".
UltraShort Oil & Gas ProShares is an exchange traded fund incorporated in the USA.
JPMorgan has an established group of professionals dedicated to supporting all the needs of exchange traded funds.
ProFunds Group today announced that its ProShares family of exchange traded funds (ETFs) passed the $3 billion mark--less than eight months after its launch.
The American Stock Exchange(R) (Amex(R)) is the only primary exchange that offers trading across a full range of equities, options and exchange traded funds (ETFs), including structured products and HOLDRS(SM).
As a leader in ETF trading, NYSE Group is continually looking for ways to increase the reach and visibility of the products listed on our exchanges," said Lisa Dallmer, NYSE Group Senior Vice President, Exchange Traded Funds and Indexes.
The ESI Illuminations fee-based Asset Management Program currently consists of: Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Index Funds, and Separate Accounts.
NEW YORK -- The American Stock Exchange(R) (Amex(R)) today launched trading in ETF Advisors' fixed-income trust receipts -- FITR(TM) Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).