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the charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another

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The central theoretical framework for interpreting real exchange rates attributes persistent movements in real exchange rates over time and across countries to cross-country differentials in sectoral total-factor productivities.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Once again, the Turkish economy is facing an exchange rate volatility problem.
So the People's Bank of China would have to devalue the RMB by more than 3 percent to 4 percent against the dollar to keep its trade-weighted exchange rate from rising.
However, all tests with the exception of the PKPSS test indicate stationarity for both exchange rates.
However, from 2011 to 2013 some decisions were taken that may provide hints about the kind of arrangements that could take shape in pursuit of a gradual elimination of the dual currencies and exchange rates.
During the hedging procedure under the NDF, the global banks provide certain exchange rates of the US dollar to Nepali banks.
Exchange rate system has an important role in reducing or minimizing the risk of fluctuations in exchange rates, which will have an impact on the economy.
Sen (2006), "Capital Flow Volatility and Exchange Rates - The Case Of India", Working Papers 144, Centre for Development Economics, Delhi School of Economics.
PPP puzzles, a common term for two anomalies of real exchange rates, indicate long-run PPP failures as well (Mussa 1986; Rogoff, 1996; Taylor, Peel, and Sarno, 2001).
His main research interests are exchange rates, international trade, international business and applied econometrics.
In Pakistan, an extensive increase in the volatility of exchange rates has been seen in the recent years.
Exchange rates can deviate from their purchasing-power-parity levels for long periods.
Based on the distinction between economics' aggregate output and expenditure and on the premise that exchange rates are shared variables, it develops a straightforward framework that shows how exchange rate management by China's central bank affects China's fast growing output, expenditure, employment, and trade balance, while simultaneously influencing these aggregates in its slower growing industrialized trading partners.
Decline of the market US dollar exchange rate versus som is observed in Bishkek, reports Tazabek.
DAMASCUS, (SANA) -- Governor of the Central Bank of Syria (CBS) Adib Mayaleh said that increase in the SYP/USD exchange rate is normal and within the limits.