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the charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another

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KARACHI: The Exchange Rates Committee of Financial Markets Association of Pakistan issued the following exchange rates bulletin, here on Monday.
A whopping exchange rate means that you really get a whole lot more for your hard-earned cash.
In a world of free capital mobility and growing capital markets, followed by continuous liberalization and deregulation of capital movements, as have taken place in recent years, exchange rates have become a source of destabilization and currency crisis.
Even if determination of exchange rates by macroeconomic fundamentals has been often examined, few studies have investigated the response of exchange rate movements to portfolio flow changes in the Tunisian context.
What is the People's Bank of China's exchange rate policy stance?
The central theoretical framework for interpreting real exchange rates attributes persistent movements in real exchange rates over time and across countries to cross-country differentials in sectoral total-factor productivities.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Once again, the Turkish economy is facing an exchange rate volatility problem.
12 Frey investigated the impact of short run volatility of exchange rates on the volume of exports.
To overcome this problem Pakistan abandoned the fixed exchange rate with US dollar and float the rupee under managed exchange rate regime by delinking its currency with dollar and linking it with the currencies of 16 major trading partners following the worldwide trend of deregulation of economies and exchange rates.
dollar exchange rate in Iran is reasonable and any further fall of the rate will be harmful to the Iranian economy, the Iranian central bank governor said last week.
In a study done by Rodrik (2008), he argued that overvalued exchange rates are damaging to economic growth.
The effects of the uncertainties caused by the volatility in exchange rates and inflation on macroeconomic variables have been subject to extensive theoretical and empirical research.
The paper is organized as follows: the next section provides background on trade, foreign investment and exchange rates in India.
Adler and Dumas (1984) suggest that exchange rate exposure is defined as the impact of unanticipated changes in exchange rates on stock prices and exposure to exchange risk can be quantified by the regression coefficient associated with stock returns regressed against exchange rate changes.
Decline of the market US dollar exchange rate versus som is observed in Bishkek, reports Tazabek.