trading floor

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a large room in a exchange where the trading is done


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One wonders what's going to happen to these fellows on a day when the market suddenly heads south--not gently, but as it did in October 1987--plummeting too rapidly for sell orders to be executed as they are received on the exchange floor.
Although this is the first year the NYSE has closed for the holiday, it has marked it with a minute of silence on the exchange floor since 1986.
But its roots actually go back to 1986 and the "Big Bang," when Britain's financial markets were deregulated and the LSE began moving pricing information via network, rather than across an exchange floor.
Ticonderoga Securities operates a dual capability with a New York Stock Exchange floor based team providing direct access as well as the desk based models.
OWNERS Joel & Avram Glazer, 2nd and 3rd from left, at launch yesterday FANS Traders on New York stock exchange floor
Habitat staff and volunteers handed out foam stress hammers to stock brokers on the exchange floor.
Trading on the open outcry markets, where traders do business on the exchange floor, was suspended but resumed at 4pm, said a IPE spokeswoman.
Traders said rumours of the hostage drama began to spread on the exchange floor, which is at ground level, but no official announcement was ever made.
66 million shares changed hands on the New York Stock Exchange floor Tuesday.
So, in 1971, Nasdaq combined the two fundamental information technologies--telecommunications and computers--to create the world's first screen-based market, where buying and selling is done via network rather than on an exchange floor.
Monika Riley brings 30 years of experience as a trader and broker, including four years on the Chicago Stock Exchange floor and CME S&P commercial trade desk.
The spivs are not just on the stock exchange floor.
2--Color) A trader checks the board on the New York Stock Exchange floor.
A good place to start is with the restriction that prohibits money managers from having their broker affiliates execute portfolio trades on the exchange floor.
NEW YORK -- Pragma Financial Systems, LLC, a New York-based quantitative financial technology provider, today announced that it has partnered with NYSE Euronext to provide algorithmic trading tools to New York Stock Exchange floor brokers.