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excessive thirst (as in cases of diabetes or kidney dysfunction)

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Symptoms include bleeding, bone, or back pain, unexplained bone fractures, anemia (which may be signaled by tiredness, breathlessness, and fatigue) and high levels of calcium in the blood (signs include excessive thirst and urination, constipation, nausea and a poor appetite).
Passing a lot of urine and excessive thirst and hunger, loss of weight despite eating well, constant fatigue, overweight, diabetic heredity, tingling or numbness in the hands and feet, prone to infections, high blood pressure, high blood fats, sexual problems like impotency are usual symptoms of diabetes in adults; in children it manifests in stomach ache, headache, and behavioural problems, along with the usual symptoms of weight loss, thirst, fatigue and frequent urination.
Mary is a 13-year-old thin female being seen for complaints of frequent urination, hunger, and excessive thirst.
Excessive thirst In elderly cats, this is the most common sign of chronic kidney failure.
The definitions of what constitutes diabetes are more laboratory-based than ever before; as the incidence of disease continues to grow, symptoms alone (such as excessive thirst or frequent need to urinate) are not definitive, and diagnosing and treating the disease in its earliest stages can dramatically lower a patient's risk of developing more advanced diabetes and its attendant complications.
These may include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, dry gums, refusal to eat, mild weakness, excessive thirst, lethargy, vomiting, seizures and unconsciousness.
To avoid excessive thirst in the daytime, doctors advise those fasting to drink warm soups which aid easy digestion or a cup of fruit juice containing sugar which is needed after many hours of fasting.
Freshen up: See your GP for a urine test, particularly if you have excessive thirst, extreme tiredness, unexplained weight loss and the need to pass urine more frequently.
Aside from excessive thirst, muscle cramps, agitation or irritability, there will also be nausea, vomiting, headache, weakness, and profuse sweating.
Three possible symptoms that you should report to your HIV provider are (1) excessive hunger despite eating regularly, (2) excessive thirst, and (3) increased urination.
Sara added: "See your GP if you experience excessive thirst or extreme fatigue.
Signs and symptoms Diabetes usually progresses by stealth, but Dr Muhamed said that the signs and symptoms may include weight loss, frequent urination, increased appetite and excessive thirst apart from dizziness, tiredness and stomach pain.
The DHA said the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke are high body temperature, nausea, excessive thirst, headache and excessive sweating.
The effects of chocolate poisoning in dogs usually appear within 12 hours and first signs can include excessive thirst, vomiting, diarrhoea.
Doctors and patients should pay attention for signs and symptoms of high or low blood sugar levels, including excessive thirst, nausea, weakness, headaches and trembling.