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Synonyms for hyperhidrosis

excessive and profuse perspiration

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In fact, the survey, conducted by Nielsen, found that almost all men (93%) say they would do something to prevent or hide excessive sweating, with the top response being using extra deodorant or antiperspirant (61%).
Sometimes, abnormal and excessive sweating can be caused as a result of diseases like diabetes, fever, hyperthyroidism, gout, syncope and angina, explained Dr Shersad and the specific circumstances in which the sweating happens give clues to the causative condition.
In some cases excessive sweating is caused by illnesses, such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.
The miraDry procedure works by heating and eliminating sweat glands under the arms by precisely directing controlled electromagnetic energy to the areas in which excessive sweating under the arms occurs.
Though excessive sweating is a common problem in summers and attributed to the season, many girls in the Capital are going for Botox treatment.
The test can be used to assess the area involved in excessive sweating although it cannot measure the degree of sweating.
Negative signs are excessive sweating, looking fat and not letting the jockey get on board
00pm) In the last of the series, the team catches up with a man who had a bent penis caused by Peyronie's disease, and meets a patient who had excessive sweating.
In addition to addressing any underlying cause, doctors may prescribe injectable Robinul or oral propranolol to tame the excessive sweating.
Mon Ray Antiperspirant continues to offer patients suffering with excessive sweating problems an option for something that is effective but with minimum side effects.
The armpits account for one per cent the body's surface area, but excessive sweating here causes social embarrassment and can damage clothes.
PHOENIX -- All 16 patients involved in preliminary open-label trials responded to off-label treatment with terazosin for antidepressant-treatment with terazosin for antidepressant induced excessive sweating.
She said most of the conditions were due to high humidity and excessive sweating.
Excessive sweating leads to dehydration and heat exhaustion and this can lead to heat stroke and even death," she said.
The person might display nervousness, an unwillingness to make eye contact or excessive sweating.