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Synonyms for windfall

Synonyms for windfall

fruit that has fallen from the tree

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a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)

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Suppose now that to achieve excess profits all competing firms would join together to form a cartel.
Editor's Note: In late January, the OIR agreed to begin proceedings to adopt a new rule to implement the workers' compensation excess profits law.
For several of the drugs, the excess profits are substantial.
While insurance executives appreciate the leverage that pricing has on their loss ratios and premium volume, few have the technical knowledge or time to test and dictate the critical ratemaking assumptions that will shape their company's future; and while insurance regulators recognize their obligation to protect consumers from excess profits and unfair discrimination, few have the resources to examine all the new and innumerable risk classifications and test the scores of new and varied data-mining and rate-development techniques.
HUD requires that nonprofits use their excess profits to pay down the mortgages of the homebuyers they overcharged, but the agency's ability to enforce this requirement is extremely limited.
To hide (a) its business deals from American competitors (b) debts, losses, and bad business deals (c) excess profits (d) executives' salaries from stockholders.
Providers acting ahead of the competition will enjoy excess profits until others enter the marketplace.
To make sure the bonuses can be funded, Sumitomo is considering setting aside a portion of excess profits, in addition to pooled funds.
The commission opened its inquiry in April into whether the UK's large supermarket chains were abusing their dominant market position to make excess profits.
Alan McLoughlin, spokesman for Tescos, said yesterday: "We do not make excess profits, nor do we profiteer.
The Sovereign program features a contracted service arrangement between local governments and Part 121 regional jet operators that incorporates financial incentives in the form of an operator loss reserve coupled with an excess profits participation interest in the specified service pattern.
Commissioner held that the surviving corporation in a merger could apply unused excess profits tax credits of the merged corporation against its post-merger income.
Although another building boom is not expected, the axiom that excess profits breed ruinous competition warrants consideration," cautions Woodworth.
Murray has proposed--in the form of "theoretical thought--experiments"--a number of remedial steps that could be taken: state seizures of excess profits of Jewish millionaires "to promote productive investment rather than hoarding by a selfish few"; abolishing onerous anti-discrimination statutes that discourage members of the Gentile "clans" from hiring their own kind; and so on.
If you don't recognize the true driving points of health-care costs, like administrative waste and excess profits, you're not going to solve the problem," he says.
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