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Synonyms for windfall

Synonyms for windfall

fruit that has fallen from the tree

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a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)

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The Commissions conclusion that the tax scheme confers selective advantages to multinational companies that benefitted from an excess profits tax ruling seems at odds with recent case law of the General Court.
at 1905 (characterizing British excess profits tax as income tax under U.
901, which specifically restricts the foreign tax credit to foreign "income, war profits, and excess profits taxes.
11] An excess profits tax was also in effect from July 1950 through
The expected effect of the cartel is to increase the market price so that producers can earn excess profits.
The annual excess profits filing involves a five-year cycle.
The excess profits tax and the wartime hikes in corporate income tax rates were considered serious threats to the economy's postwar recovery.
The Garden Village Post Office in my local area, Gosforth, is a profitable post office whose excess profits go back to the Post Office and not the sub-postmaster.
Any excess profits from the event, being held under the patronage of Labour Minister Dr Majeed Al Alawi, will fund projects to support education and training of youngsters and needy families.
MORE than half the UK's small business managers would invest 2007 excess profits beyond target back into their firm, an Abbey Business Banking Survey has shown.
2 billion were awarded to vendors with past over-claims of $350,000 or more and excess profits greater than 4.
These same vehicles paid the staggering sum of $39,133,000 in operating taxes, exclusive of income and excess profits taxes.
Treasury, The Institute conducts survey on whether companies want filing extensions for income and excess profits tax returns.
The $4 billion in excess profits is lunch money to those folks.
Multiplying this differential by the number of prescriptions in the Medicare plan reveals the excess profits earned by the industry for each drug--in just one year of the program.
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