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Synonyms for windfall

Synonyms for windfall

fruit that has fallen from the tree

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a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)

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Productivity-based excess profit incentives are a win-win-win strategy for the business owner, his employees, and our nation as a whole.
law allows taxpayers to claim a credit for foreign income, war profits, and excess profits taxes paid or accrued.
While we do not expect an excess profit tax to be widely introduced in the next twot othree years, that the government is even considering this approach is positive, in our view.
For several of the drugs, the excess profits are substantial.
GRAFTON - Town officials are seeking $51 million in damages from developers of Hilltop Farms, a 256-unit affordable town house condominium development, for allegedly hiding $17 million in excess profits that should have been paid to the town under the state Chapter 40B comprehensive permit law.
He also told the committee that the index-linked tolling deal meant that the financiers, the Bank of America, would collect pounds 100million in excess profit.
Firstly they moan because excess profit is being used to enhance public transport, which I firmly believe there would be no grumbles about if the tram were on their side of the water and now we hear of them objecting to yet another scheme which isn't even within their council boundary.
However, all four bank chiefs denied they were making an excess profit, arguing they had to cover high costs of capital.
I'd say between $100,000 and $200,000 in excess profit probably went to Rick Hodgin or the vendors,'' Block said.
In some instances, Milkiewicz arranged for a third-party to win a fraudulently-inflated bid, on the condition that Milkiewicz would pocket the excess profit.
Much of the excess profit made by the world's state owned oil producers is being creamed off so that their masters can buy weapons.
Further, if 17738 Preston Road is sold within one year at a price in excess of the price Forme paid Camelot, then such excess profit will be paid to Camelot as additional consideration.
The study, "Macroeconomic Benefits from a Reduction in Special Access Prices," pegs the excess profit to the Bells at $5.
In particular, the best entrepreneurial investment managers, singularly focused on achieving excess profit with respect to a top quartile benchmark, excel with the co-investment structure.
That's small change compared with the pounds 400m yearly excess profit fleeced from those on prepayment meters.