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Synonyms for hypervolemia

a blood disorder consisting of an increase in the volume of circulating blood

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Most patients receive a stent that allows the excess fluid and microscopic stone fragments to easily pass through the urinary system.
Sequana Medical AG, a private Swiss medical device company with innovative fluid management technologies, today announced a world-first, as a patient at Hopital Nord, Marseille, France, was implanted with a pleurapump system designed to manage chronic pleural effusions (recurrence of excess fluid which collects around the lungs).
His doctors said they had drained excess fluid from his lungs to tackle the infection.
A DIY body massage can encourage lymphatic circulation, aid the removal of waste, toxins and excess fluid and reduce muscular tension.
Diuretics are used to help the body get rid of excess fluid.
Powerful prescription diuretics and sometimes herbal preparations are taken to remove this excess fluid.
One benefit of the device is that it negates the need for drains to get rid of excess fluid that accumulates beneath the skin at the surgical site.
Use an AOAP vampire pump, NSN 4930-01-119-4030, to remove the excess fluid.
They remove excess fluid and toxic waste from the body, regulate blood pressure; maintain the levels of vital nutrients such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and phosphorous and produce red blood cells and contribute to bone strength.
Excess fluid can be stored in the biocontainer on the stand for future dispensing.
Excess fluid around and presumed swelling of the optic nerve (five subjects).
But when they do, using a needle to remove the excess fluid may alleviate symptoms, and treating the underlying cause with knee arthroscopy may cause the cyst to disappear, according to Dr.
Patients suffering from fluid overload may now have excess fluid removed with a treatment called ultrafiltration, during which a specified amount of salt and water fluids is extracted from a patient's blood at a controlled rate, removing up to four liters of excess fluid in up to an eight-hour period.
Combinations of amlodipine and Benicar, known chemically as olmesartan, were also more effective at ridding the body of excess fluid, said Steven G.
His return to the game has been delayed again by six weeks after surgeons wanted to remove excess fluid in his ankle.