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a title used to address dignitaries (such as ambassadors or governors)

an outstanding feature


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But who will say your excellency has been to Monte Cristo?
Your excellency is mistaken; there are pirates, like the bandits who were believed to have been exterminated by Pope Leo XII.
Well, then, if, like us, your excellency lived at Leghorn, you would hear, from time to time, that a little merchant vessel, or an English yacht that was expected at Bastia, at Porto-Ferrajo, or at Civita Vecchia, has not arrived; no one knows what has become of it, but, doubtless, it has struck on a rock and foundered.
I did not tell your excellency this to deter you from your project," replied Gaetano, "but you questioned me, and I have answered; that's all.
We would rather abide by your decision, O Excellency Our Governor.
Our Excellency," a man stepped forth, "on my land Abu Hussein was found this morning.
Let Our Excellency turn out the creatures of the Emirs who stole our land in the days of the Oppression.
The man to whom Our Excellency has awarded the land is, as it were, his maternal uncle.
I am a very good gun-runner, your Excellency," I answered quietly.
I am living at Countess Rostova's," replied Boris, again adding, "your excellency.
His Excellency is waiting for you to come down," announced the minister's footman.
Look," said his Excellency, giving des Lupeaulx a paper which he was twirling in his fingers.
Monseigneur,--If twenty-three years of irreproachable services may claim a favor, I entreat your Excellency to grant me an audience this very day.
You have a meeting of the Council when the Chamber rises; moreover, your Excellency has to reply to-day to the opposition; this is really the only hour when you can receive him.
If you prefer it, your excellency, a private room will be free directly; Prince Golistin with a lady.
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