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a title used to address dignitaries (such as ambassadors or governors)

an outstanding feature


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It would be wrong to forget one so deeply and fondly devoted to her, who can so thoroughly appreciate her excellencies, and sympathise with all her thoughts, as I can do, and it would be wrong in me to forget so excellent and divine a piece of God's creation as she, when I have once so truly loved and known her.
Their Excellencies the Prince and Princess of Peterwaradin, H.
Immediately after the Eid prayer until 6:30am, HH the Emir will receive Their Excellencies sheikhs, ministers, the advisory council speaker, the ministries'undersecretaries, advisory (Shura) council members and citizens.
Their Highnesses and Excellencies, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Economy of the Arab countries and His Excellency the Secretary General of the League of Arab States and Their Excellencies, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Republic of Turkmenistan, the Republic of Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as Arab financial institutions and federation are expected to participate in the forum.
Li Yuanchao, Vice President of the Peoples Republic of China, Their Honorable and Excellencies, Let me first extend my thanks to Your Excellency for the kind invitation extended to me to visit your friendly country, the home of civilization and deep-rooted history, I, also, offer my thanks for the cordial feelings you have expressed towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
His Excellencies the Ambassadors were briefed on Alba's growth and progress for the past forty-years, the state-of-the-art production process involved in producing Alba's high grade aluminium products, and its presence in various markets of Asia and Europe.
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