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  • verb

Synonyms for exceed


go over the limit of


  • go over the limit of
  • go beyond
  • overstep
  • go beyond the bounds of

Synonyms for exceed

Synonyms for exceed

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SeniorCare cap exceeders with higher precap use and spending had a greater prevalence of chronic disease than cap exceeders in the lower spending quartiles but were otherwise similar in observable characteristics.
Presenting utilization by cohorts defined by month they exceeded the cap rather than for all exceeders centered at the month the cap was exceeded highlights that by definition those who exceed the cap earlier in the program year have higher early spending.
MASON'S Exceeder is set to be the first huge tune of 2007, with a new set of mixes and a vocal from Princess Superstar.
EXCEEDER from Mason has the potential to be another huge crossover hit like Put Your Hands Up.
Additionally, it should include amount by which the customers exceeded the cap and how many of those customers are repeat cap exceeders.