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Synonyms for excavator

a workman who excavates for foundations of buildings or for quarrying

a machine for excavating

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3 - the supply and installation of CNC electro excavating machine.
Sinkhole repair typically requires closing a lane of traffic while the work is being done, because VDOT's excavating machine is more than 3.
At 4 pm yesterday, a bucket on an excavating machine being used by Coventry firm Benfield Construction caught the below-ground cable.
Product Competition As for product competition, the caterpillar excavating machine still dominated the market in 2010 with the ma
LEOMINSTER - Using his large excavating machine to gently pick through the pieces of the former Columbia Hotel, Raymond Bourgeois said tearing down the building will be a challenge.
He had been operating an excavating machine which, for reasons currently under investigation, went into the hole which filled with water.
The FX30 Vacuum Excavation System is both a portable vacuum unit which can do a variety of utility clean-up operations and a powerful "soft" excavating machine for digging small, precisely-controlled excavations to expose buried utilities and other buried objects.
yesterday after an excavating machine operated by Raymond Bourgeois of Bourgeois Construction tore down the building.
Police said the man was driving an excavating machine at the quarry.
The new Ditch Witch FX30 Vacuum Excavation System is both a portable vacuum unit that can be used for a variety of utility clean-up operations and an efficient "soft" excavating machine.