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  • verb

Synonyms for excavate

Synonyms for excavate

to break, turn over, or remove (earth or sand, for example) with or as if with a tool

to make by digging

Synonyms for excavate

recover through digging

find by digging in the ground

form by hollowing

remove the inner part or the core of

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AMF species (2) Land use systems (1) Season (3) O OT M MT B BT R D R D R D R D R D R D Acaulospora X X X X X X foveoreticulata Acaulospora X excavata Acaulospora X X longula Acaulospora X X X scrobiculata Acaulospora X morrowiae Entrophospora X X X X infrequens Glomus X X X X ambisporum Glomus X clavisporum Glomus X X X X claroideum Glomus X X X X X X X X X X etunicatum Glomus X X X X X X X intraradices Glomus X X X X X X X X X X macrocarpum Glomus X X X X X X X mosseae Glomus X tortuosum Racocetra X novaum Racocetra X fulgida Scutellospora X cerradensis Total of 5 6 6 4 5 4 6 6 7 4 7 4 species AMF species (2) Season (3) * RF(%) R D Acaulospora 50 50 foveoreticulata Acaulospora - 16.
Key Words: Acanalonia, Fulgoroidea, Acanalonia excavata, new record, Florida
Acanalonia excavata Van Duzee, descrita de Nicaragua, fue encontrada en 4 sitios en la Florida.
excavata Van Duzee, has been collected in 4 sites in Florida and represents a new record for the United States.
Some specimens of "Ligonodina excavata excavata" Jeppsson 1972 occur in sample 3.
excavata, occur together with a species of the open nomenclature, Ctenognathodus sp.
Wurmiella excavata, Pseudooneotodus bicornis and Walliserodus sp.
C is still quite common and Wurmiella excavata relatively rare, whereas in the upper interval the situation is reversed.
The succeeding species Stegocornu denisae is found in the Shirgesht section well below the first documented appearance of the index species of the mid-Telychian Pterospathodus amorphognathoides lennarti Biozone and within the range of Wurmiella excavata cf.
AC, acme; FO, appearance; LO, disappearance Event Viirelaid, Paatsalu, m m Conodonts Ozarkodtna excavata FO 61.