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Antibody to HHV-6 is typically found in titers of 1:160 and greater in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, exanthem subitum, and some lymphoproliferative disorders.
These three herpes viruses, causing mononucleosis, gingivostomatitis, and exanthem subitum, respectively, remain in a steady state held at bay by cell- mediated immunity.
13,14) Human herpesviruses 6 and 7 infect humans at an early age and cause an erythematous febrile illness, particularly exanthem subitum.
Exanthem subitum complications, including seizures, hemiplegia, meningoencephalitis, or residual encephalopathy, illustrate HHV-6 neurotropism; HHV-6 commonly invades the brain during ES, even in cases of clinically asymptomatic infections.
Primary infection with HHV-6B causes roseola infantum or exanthem subitum, a common childhood disease that resolves spontaneously.