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a bet that you can pick the first and second finishers in the right order


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Exacto implemented a Colordyne 3600 Series Laser Pro in March 2015, providing them with a digital color printing platform capable of printing at 275 fpm (84 mpm) at a resolution of 1600 x 1375 dpi.
When you're considering where to trust your outsourcing business requirements, think Exacto Communications, El Salvador - Central America, the optimized BPO strategy.
However, as Judge Richard Posner, writing for the Seventh Circuit, would complain later in Exacto Spring (196 F.
Using an Exacto saw or a saw with a very fine-toothed blade carefully cut the bulb from the gourd neck.
I had to default to an Exacto knife and lots of elbow grease to penetrate the wrapper
She remembers her drafting table was crowded into a tiny space in the basement, where armed with an Exacto knife and hot wax, she helped put the Bar Journal directory issue together by hand.
estas son tanto mas reales y efi caces en cuanto se forman en el lugar exacto en que se ejercen las relaciones de poder" (Foucault 1995, 82).
The judicial discretion underlying the use of a model can also be seen in Exacto Spring v.
At the time, there were even holdouts who predicted that these newfangled design tools would never replace the Bishop tape and Exacto knives.
The book also contains a how-to section, and a dozen full-page stencil templates wait to be cut with an exacto knife.
5) No existen documentos oficiales que constaten el numero exacto de boricuas que emigraron a Hawai.
A skilled art and graphics department was once forced to spend many hours with an Exacto knife and a lot of dollars to create a presentation suitable for the annual board of directors meeting.
Security had been increased since the terrorist attack on the New York World Trade Centre on 11 September, 2001, and though it seems bizarre to think that a couple of terrorists armed with exacto knives could commandeer a cruise ship, the authorities in the Port of Vancouver were taking no chances.
Imagine-se que o viajante est[sz] a observar um objecto de vime, exacto de forma ao servico da funcao.