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a label identifying the owner of a book in which it is pasted

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D'autres ex-libris ou vignettes permettent peut-etre de deceler les anciens utilisateurs de ces livres liturgiques.
His works are Domino (1995), Ex-Libris (1998), Brunelleschi's Dome: The Story of the Great Cathedral in Florence (2000), Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling (2002), The Judgment of Paris: The Revolutionary Decade That Gave the World Impressionism (2006) and Machiavelli: Philosopher of Power (2007).
It's one thing to hold an ex-libris first trade edition copy of a great poet's second book, it's another to hold one once owned by one of the twentieth century's true Renaissance men, and it would be something else entirely if that Renaissance man had made marginal notations to the great poet's poems.
His interest was sparked by chancing upon a copy in a Brighton second-hand book shop: an ex-libris plate showed it to have been owned by Clement Scott, and the margins carried copious pencilled annotations by this eminent critic.
Using his collector's experience in ex-libris, Sticht was very specific about the qualities he wanted in the plates, noting that they should be 'in the spirit of the time of the cuts .
The patterns include flowers, stripes, an I Love You barcode, the classic Da Vinci proportions drawing, ex-libris coffee, ex-libris tea and a blackboard mug complete with chalk for personalizing a daily message.