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Based on EY s highly successful North American program, the EWW Asia-Pacific program has been designed to assist established women led businesses that are ready to scale operations and become global market leaders.
While it is true that the fund has seen significant volatility this year, we fully expect the first part of 2013 to be another solid period for EWW.
The specialist units for the new listings will be Spear, Leeds & Kellogg (EWK, EWH, EWP, EWW, EWN, EWS, EWD, EWL, EWU) and AIM Securities, Co.
Fund Ticker iShares MSCI Australia EWA iShares MSCI Austria EWO iShares MSCI Belgium EWK iShares MSCI Canada EWC iShares MSCI France EWQ iShares MSCI Germany EWG iShares MSCI Hong Kong EWH iShares MSCI Italy EWI iShares MSCI Japan EWJ iShares MSCI Malaysia (Free) EWM iShares MSCI Mexico (Free) EWW iShares MSCI Netherlands EWN iShares MSCI Singapore EWS iShares MSCI South Korea EWY iShares MSCI Spain EWP iShares MSCI Sweden EWD iShares MSCI Switzerland EWL iShares MSCI Taiwan EWT iShares MSCI United Kingdom EWU
Beginning in approximately November 2001 and continuing until in or about May 2002, it is alleged that BOULE, using a password he had illicitly obtained from his former supervisor at EWW, began accessing to the EWW sales database.
EEW, which is backed by 75-year- old German steel supplier EWW Group, has secured a Au10 million-a -year deal to provide an unnamed company focused on oil and gas production and exploration in the North Sea.
EEW Energy Services is privately held and backed by a 75 year heritage of Germany s EWW Group and has a network of steel mills and manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.