Wandering Jew

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a legendary Jew condemned to roam the world for mocking Jesus at the Crucifixion

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Against the backdrop of Der ewige Jude and Jud Suss, the material seems to bear the inscription of its historical moment: a central motif of these two films had been the Jewish gift for assimilation that supported the clandestine erosion of western civilization.
Die deutschsprachige Literatur Israels seit 1945" by Klaus Muler-Salger (Innsbruck); "Aufgeklarte Modernitat -- Postmodernes Entertainment, by Gert Sauterineister (Bremen), yet another -- albeit much more critical -- discussion of Hilsenrath's novelistic art, exclusively concentrating, however, on Der Nazi und der Friseur; "Der Ewige Jude als ewiger Revolutionar," an analysis of Heym's novel Ahasver by Chaim Shoham (Haifa); the enlightening investigation, by Walter H.