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a member of a people living in southern Benin and Togo and southeastern Ghana

a Kwa language spoken by the Ewe in Ghana and Togo and Benin

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female sheep

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But a short time later they ran to the house and told him the ewe - named Blodwyn in deference to her Welsh roots - had given birth to another two.
Most ewes have a strong mothering instinct but, for some young ones, it can be a bewildering experience and so we need to be on hand to make sure that the lambs are dried o and feed quickly or they can succumb to hypothermia.
So too is the opportunity to group lambs and ewes into batches for health treatments, grazing groups or weight categories.
The joint venture with EWE provides the foundation for the planned decision to build during the next year, added Trianel management spokesman Sven Becker.
Capt Archdale and his fellow |breeders (top) and top priced ewe lambs from Gwyn Jones
Mis-mothering is a common explanation for such events, but the family insist the same ewe gave birth to both sets of twins.
The milker is more comfortable to the ewe than milking by hand--so she does not protest.
Demand continued at a fast pace with the reserve champion, a ewe lamb Millburn Blaze making 1,400gns this February born lamb from J I Bell Lochmaben Lockerbie also sold to M Cornish Buckfastleigh Devon followed by a lamb at 700gns from J Millar Joyfield Bramble selling to A Selway's Welland flock Stalbridge Dorset.
He recommends feeding a ewe carrying twins 200g per day of protected soya.
His winning homebred shearling ewe later sold for a centre female record of pounds 500.
The Pennsylvania Lottery celebrates the 2002 edition of the Pennsylvania Farm Show with LUCKY EWE DOUBLER, the official $1 Farm Show ticket with a $5,000 top prize.
Sheep are ruminants but a lot of farmers forget it when the ewes get to the late stages of pregnancy and shove in the concentrates, feeding the ewe as you might a pig," she said.
In the summer of 2000, one ewe delivered a mouflon lamb.