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The acquisition of WINSAT as an EVRO subsidiary will create additional technical capabilities for The Sports & Shopping Network ("TSSN"), EVRO's television shopping network acquired earlier this year.
The combination of ACN into TSSN brings EVRO additional management experience in the Television Home Shopping industry, more efficient merchandise distribution and fulfillment operations, a larger television audience with 24 hour broadcasting operations, more production equipment, and greater economies of scale," said Tom Jensen, EVRO's chairman of the board.
The agreement between EVRO and AIN includes initially broadcasting the TSSN programming two hours per day, seven days a week, for a total of 14 hours each week during the first year of broadcasting.
EVRO and Channel America will move some of their key people to Glendale, but most of the jobs will be filled in new hiring, said Daniel Boyar, EVRO's special counsel.
Evro Publishing said that the officially endorsed Official MotoGP Season Review 2014 is in its 11th year of publication and provides comprehensive coverage of the MotoGP World Championship season of 18 motorcycle races.
Unlike many other cable start-ups, The Good Health Channel is on a financial fast-track, with Tampa-based Evro Corporation, f/k/a Evro Financial Corp.
ACL transferred and delivered to North American assets equivalent to 1,162,440 shares of common stock of EVRO Corp.
At the Closing, ACL will transfer and deliver to North American assets equivalent to 1,162,440 shares of common stock of EVRO Corp.
The corporate offices of EVRO are located at 10002 Princess Palm Ave.
This is the first major step for the implementation of the Channel America/TSSN business plan and enables EVRO to raise the necessary funds to finance its new direction," said Thomas L.
Howe, executive vice president of EVRO Financial Corp.
a Florida corporation and recent acquisition of EVRO Financial Corp.
By combining production and content with broadcasting and distribution, all under one roof in a substantial television studio facility located in California, EVRO will be able to exploit the synergies between both companies and take advantage of the access to celebrities and other opportunities that are not currently available to the company in Connecticut and Florida.
The principal executive offices of Evro Financial are located at 2218 Jackson Boulevard, Suite 7, Rapid City, S.