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a person who believes in organic evolution

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This is where evolutionists will protest that the scope of school curricula should not be limited by dogma, but this is an intellectually dishonest argument.
He brings up no novel problems that have not been described elsewhere, but in contrast to many other critiques of YEC and ID, the theistic evolutionists do not get a pass in his book.
He became one of the most active propagandists for the evolutionists.
After decades of failing to eradicate biblical creation theories by exclusively teaching the evolution theory in taxpayer-funded government schools, even the staunchest evolutionists knew the latest debate would be unlikely to change any hearts or minds.
But to evolutionists, Homo sapiens is an ape struggling to subdue its old ape behavior with modern cultural evolution, of which humanism is an important component.
In the wake of that case, Olson's picture of embattled evolutionists seems a bit overstated.
Do you think Darwinian evolutionists today will stand idly by and accept Ayi Kwei Armah's demolition of conventional wisdom?
In 1929 Le Corbusier proposed a museum (Le Musee Mondiale) in the form of an extendable spiral; a built graph of cultural aggregation, good for evolutionists, problematic for thematic curators.
YOUR comment column (Opening the door to acceptance, October 9) overlooked the fact that creationists subject themselves to studying the same evidence as evolutionists, but come to a totally different conclusion.
Roll over Charles Darwin and tell those musical evolutionists the news - there's yet more Sheffield Monkeys beside the Arctic variety.
Afraid that Christianity would be attacked by defenders of a materialistic and quantitative science, they have tried to devise all sorts of theories associated with what is called theistic evolution which, as I just said, is even worse than the purely biological theory of evolution, because that leaves the Hands of God out of His creation in a theological sense while claiming to believe in God, and if these theistic evolutionists do consider God's role, their views do not satisfy scientific evolutionists anyway.
With other researchers, thinkers, psychologists and even evolutionists at the end of the 19th century, he investigated psychic ability, fortune-telling, communicating with the dead and other paranormal phenomena.
Evolutionists have won almost all of the judicial battles over teaching evolution in the public schools; they have had scant success in convincing most Americans of the validity of their discoveries.
But to sensible people, including most evolutionists, it means no such thing.