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Evolutionary Socialism, the Welfare State, and Globalized Dissent
One of the leading theorists of this new perspective was Eduard Bernstein, whose book Evolutionary Socialism laid out the argument for a Third Way between capitalism and revolutionary socialism.
His thesis is that Bernstein's model of evolutionary socialism was a pioneering effort to reconceptualize the relationship between liberal and socialist theory, allowing for a more constructive understanding of the problems of democratization, political morality, international relations, and social reform.
Rather, he finds a much more convincing account of working-class consciousness in Eduard Bernstein's Evolutionary Socialism (1912).
3) The problem is that neither Dowlah nor the events of 1989 to 1990 can convince the reader that "socialism with a human face," modeled on the NEP with a little more democracy (a la the evolutionary socialism of the German, Edward Bernstein), has been promising in any fashion.
Luxemburg had only relentless criticism of the advocates of evolutionary socialism who rallied unequivocally behind the First Imperialist War and were quick to suppress dissent.
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