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the evolution of a biological species

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Estimation of evolutionary divergence between species: The evolutionary divergence between all ruminant amino acid sequences, and the 17 sequences representing specific divergent families were estimated to obtain the base substitution per site using the Jones-Taylor-Thornton (JTT) matrix-model (Jones et al.
Estimates of evolutionary divergence over sequence pairs between genogroups A-G of enterovirus A71, India * Genogroup Genogroup A B C D E F G A X B 0.
The evolutionary divergence is believed to have occurred with amphibians, though further research is needed to identify which species and when.
Special thanks to Jessica Thomas and Jessica Ware for the invitation to participate in the Northeastern Symposium on Evolutionary Divergence Time hosted at Rutgers University in January 2010, which lead to this publication.
Exactly when that monumental evolutionary divergence occurred has remained unknown, but a team of scientists has now pinpointed that the three domains were well separated and evolving independently by 2.
The lizard and crocodile lineages have both retained this ancestral body form whereas birds underwent dramatic evolutionary divergence, acquiring many novel features: feathers, flight, a wishbone, a keeled sternum, reduced forelimb digits, loss of a bony tail, and loss of teeth.
The first 20 contributions are presented under the heading General Aspects of Insect Sounds and explore such topics as sense organs involved in the vibratory communication of bugs, use of substrate vibrations for orientation, size-frequency relationships in insect vibratory signals, acoustic signals and temperature, song evolution and speciation in bushcrickets, inheritance of male sound characteristics in Drosophila species, vibratory communication and mate searching behavior in stoneflies, partitioning of acoustic transmission channels in grasshopper communities, acoustic evolutionary divergence in cicadas, and mutual eavesdropping through vibrations in a host- parasitoid interaction.
The evolutionary divergence of agriculture, its structure and lifestyle preferences creates new opportunities for broadcasting and its ability to be the only effective local medium.
mtDNA sequences suggest a recent evolutionary divergence for Beringian and northern North American populations," American Journal of Human Genetics 53 (1993): 549-562.
Dr Sneddon: ``Previous research carried out on the sting ray classification of fish was unable to prove animal pain and we believe our study may represent an evolutionary divergence between the families of fish.
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