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On Earth Crypto discovers a clandestine plot by a secret government agency called Majestic to capture him and develop Furon technology for their own evil purposes.
The deadline "means nothing to terrorists who may decide to strike wherever and whenever such an act might suit their evil purposes," he said.
Paedophiles and pornographers have been quick to utilise the internet for their own evil purposes.
Obviously, travel can be used for evil purposes (and so we have airport security) and communication can be used to injure (and so we have laws about libel and slander).
They have improved border controls and they are working on document security so we know who is traveling throughout the region, and whether they are traveling for peaceful purposes or for evil purposes.
Those of us who love aircraft sometimes become so enthralled with the beauty of the machine or the accomplishments of the engineers that we forget momentarily that ever the most wondrous inventions can be used for mundane or even evil purposes.
The respected actor will take on the role of The Hood, a master criminal who plans to take over the International Rescue HQ to use their craft for his own evil purposes.
As a Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen officer put it in 1876, "those who fall under our ban are intemperate men, bad men, and those who are swayed by evil purposes.
Kathleen Crozier Egan gathers literary evidence to suggest that the figure of Orrilo, the self-mending monster who employs magic for evil purposes may be a satiric counter-version of Pico della Mirandola's idea of the supremacy of man's intellect and will.
They are also often ready to attribute evil purposes to the reformers.
Religion has been used for centuries for evil purposes, including the enslavement of blacks and the condemnation of homosexuals.
You know as well as I do that there are people out there--murderers, thieves, terrorists--who just want to steal and destroy for their own evil purposes, who want to destroy God's work.
But now Scooby-Doo and Shaggy have to keep the secret of these powerful Scooby Snacks safe from those who want them for evil purposes.
The court handed down life sentences to the first and second convicts and fifteen years' incarceration to the third and fourth convicts on charges of forming a terrorist organization in contravention of the law in order to assault the physical safety of individuals, damage public and private properties, and infringe on freedoms and rights by means of using terrorism as one of their tools in achieving and implementing their evil purposes.
They are never going to go away, and relatively few of them are ever used for evil purposes, while they are five times more likely to be used for justified defense.